World of Social Media

Nobody can imagine nowadays world without the Social Media. The nature of Social Media has changed throughout the past years from strictly casual to more business related. Yes, people still use Socials to upload pictures or vids of their puppies and kittens, but nowadays Social Media are also huge for business. How so? Well… currently there are around 4 billion people worldwide actively browsing Social Media and on average every single one of them spends roughly 2 hours per day! This makes Social Media the biggest and most effective advertising channel which can be used to increase your brands awareness and get more customers.

Why are Social Media important?

Why are
Social Media important?

Increase Brand Awareness

Social Media gives unlimited possibilities to build your brands identity online and increase people awareness of your business. 

Reach New Customers

If you’re selling products online then you can easily reach new potential customers through your Social Media profiles. 

Build Community

Truly there are no better tools to create a community of dedicated users to your brand than Social Media. 

Interact With People

Only on Social Media you will have the opportunity to interact with your users/customers in real time.

More Traffic To Your Website

If you have a website then you can use your Social Media to generate higher traffic to your site. 

Increase Revenue

Thanks to Social Media you can reach more new customers and thus increase your online revenue.

Effective Social Media Management

Post Planning & Scheduling

Everything starts with a plan and Social Media management is no different is this matter. Before any work is officially published we sit down and plan all the posts. We create post drafts that in our opinion will give the best results (higher reach / more reactions / bigger conversion). Then we try to establish the most appropriate time to schedule and publish your posts. When this initial part is done we send all our ideas to you for your final approval and only when you accept our plan we are ready to publish. With every customer we can set an individual timeframe to work with – i.e. we can make a publishing plan once a week or once a month. 

Content Creation

If you wish you can provide us with all the materials required for post publishing: texts, photos, videos, etc. However, if you lack the tools and resource to create professional content, then we are here to help! Our copywriters are capable of creating texts that will catch attention and gain more reactions. We can also help you creating all sorts of media from photos, videos, comics and infographics that will suit best your idea of brand building. 

User Interaction

Another key aspect of managing a Social Media profile is interacting with your users. Crucial factor in building community around your brand is by engaging your users. Replying to comments and answering direct messages can have a huge impact on your brands positive image. We can certainly help you in that matter! If you’ll allow us to manage your Social Media profile we will conduct a creative and effective dialogue with your users on your behalf. Nobody won’t even notice that there is someone else behind your profile doing such an awesome job! 

Results Monitoring & Reporting

Job is not done when the posts are published. It’s also important to constantly monitor efficiency of our posts and make adjustment where needed. There is no golden rule on how posts should be created in order to get best results. Every brand is different, every industry is different and therefore there are different audiences to target. Always at the very beginning we firstly learn our customer’s brand specifics and try to create an audience profile that will most likely engage. That’s why we always monitor the results of the posts we’ve published to determine what combination works best for a particular brand. We also share those in-depth reports with our customers, explain all the key aspects and propose our plan for further improvements. 

Social Media Management For Every Business

So far we have completed over 100 projects for customers from various industries and business areas. Below list displays our favorite industries to work in. 

Our Social Media Management Process


Let’s sit down and talk a bit about yourself, your business and your budget. We will then analyze your goals and objectives in order to come with the best solution tailored to your needs.

Strategy & Planning

Next steps involves selecting the best social media platforms that will be most effective. We will also create first post drafts and come up with a scheduling plan that will suit you best.


We are now ready to start publishing new posts and content to your social media profiles. 

Result Analysis & Reporting

We use a wide range of specialized tools to analyze the results of your campaign. We can then act accordingly and adjust the campaign itself, so it stays effective all the time. We will also provide you with in-depth report of our work.

Paid Social Media Ads

Apart the managing a Social Profile itself and gain organic reaches it’s worthwhile to consider paid ads as well. Especially nowadays… Most of the Social Media platforms constantly decrease the natural, organic reaches of posts and encourages brands to invest in paid ads to drive bigger audiences. However there is nothing to be scared about. We can definitely help in this matter and create an effective Social Media ads campaign for you with a very healthy ROI. 

Platforms We Can Manage


Need something else?


As always, everything comes down to time and money. We are an experienced agency and we have a nice group of dedicated Social Media experts who can quickly give you expected results. You have to realize that there are many things to consider when it comes to being successful in Social Media and that can be overwhelming for the most. 

Nice analogy we like to use. Let’s imagine that suddenly your car broke and you have to fix it. Yes, you can try to repair it solely by yourself. Considering you have no prior expertise in car mechanics you will decide to go to a proper school and spend at least a couple of months there in order to get the knowledge required to fix your broken car. However, most likely, you will go with your car to a professional mechanic, pay him and get your car fixed in few days.

Same applies to Social Media. You can spend decent amount of time trying to learn all the aspects about Social Media management. During this time you won’t move any further with increasing your brands awareness and your potential customers will go somewhere else. Instead you can hire a professional agency who will effectively manage your Social Media.

There is no simple and straight answer to that question. There are many factors to consider which will affect the price. Here are some of them that we take in to account when evaluating a clients offer:

  • Social Media profile size and history – creating a brand new profile involves more time and resources than taking over an already existing profile with grown up audience and reaches.
  • Publishing frequency – the more posts we will have to publish than the costs will be higher.
  • Content creation – even if you outsource your Social Media profiles to an agency you still have to provide content for posts. However, if you will decide to fully delegate content creation to us then this will increase overall cost, as we will have to put extra resources to work – copywriters, photographs and video makers.
  • Paid Ads – if you’ll decide to also include paid ads in your Social Media campaign, then you have to add extra resources for your marketing budget.

More than 100 projects for various clients across Europe. If you don’t trust the words, you should trust the numbers! We’ve helped many businesses to grow. We can help you too!

As an agency we have more than 10 years of experience if the fields of IT, branding, marketing and web development. 

Honesty is one of our main virtues. Before any work is conducted we will discuss your budget in detailed manner and everything will be discussed thoroughly. We respect you as a person, your time and your money especially.

For us it doesn’t really matter if you are a small firm, massive enterprise or a growing startup. We treat everyone with the same amount of high respect and every project is being handled with ultimate care.

Our entire line of work evolves around our customers. They trust us with their brands and we always do our best to pay back with excellent service. We keep our customers up to date with all the changes related to their projects and everyone is approached with utmost professional manner. 

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