Boost Your Organic Traffic With SEO

Local SEO

SEO should be considered important to nearly all local, small-mid businesses. Whether you run a local agency, law firm, manufactory or a small shop you shouldn’t underestimate the power of SEO as it can help you get more customers in a cost-effective fashion! 

Global SEO

If you’re a global company offering products and/or services worldwide then SEO should be one of the most important marketing things to invest in! Truly there is nothing better in increasing your visibility in worldwide searches then a comprehensive SEO strategy.

eCommerce SEO

Now it doesn’t really matter what kind of online store you have and what products are you selling. Increasing your brands visibility, thus investing in SEO should be one of your priorities. Period! 

WordPress SEO

WordPress is the biggest blogging and CMS platform on the planet.  SEO is crucial to every website and those based on WordPress are no different. Especially all the new websites and the one’s on tighter budget need to pay attention to SEO as sometimes it’s the only way to increase the site’s visibility and get more traffic. 

Why is SEO important?

Increase Brand Awareness

With SEO you can increase your overall brand awareness online and your visibility on the most popular Search Engines.

Reach New Customers

If you’re selling products online then you can easily reach new potential customers through Search Engines. Don’t search for your clients, make them find you themselves!

Define Your Audience

SEO gives you the ability to choose which keywords are important to your brand and then optimize your website towards them. This will allow you to target a specific audience that will most likely associate with your brand.

Long-term Stable Results

SEO is a lengthy process that requires lots of patience and hard work. But when done right, this hard work can pay off with a stable results of your website being there you wanted it to be.

More Traffic To Your Website

This is truly the biggest benefit of SEO. By now you should know the power of Search Engines. You can also imagine that being at the top of SERPs will convert to a huge amount of organic traffic hitting your website.

Increase Revenue

Thanks to SEO and increasing your online visibility in Search Engines you can reach more new customers and thus increase your online revenue.

Most Comprehensive SEO Services

SEO Audit

The very first step in any SEO strategy is a proper SEO audit of your site. During this introductory step we will analyze the technical aspects of your website alongside the actual content and search for potential errors and areas where we can improve. 

Keyword Research

This is one of the most important aspects of SEO. Keywords are what people type in Search Engines to search for what they are interested in. Now it’s important to establish what keywords will be best for your business and will most likely attract more people to your website. This is exactly what we are going to do! 

Market Analysis

Not every keyword is the same and they all have a different “strength” and “value”. What’s also important is to analyze your competition and the overall market of your industry. Sometimes it’s not worthy to battle with the big ones over the most searched keywords and instead focus on the ones that will gives us the biggest chance to rank up and increase organic traffic. We also look at the big picture and analyze your actual visibility in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). 

Content Creation

One of the two most important aspect of an on-site SEO is content you present on your site. You have to realize that what encourages people to visit your website and make them stay on it longer is the content your have to offer. This is truly a no-brainer. If your website consist mostly of unattractive and badly written posts and pages nobody will bother to visit your website. On another hand if your content is valuable and of a good quality then your chances of attracting people to your site are high. Search Engines pays a lot of attention to the websites content and only the ones with good and quality one will rank higher. We will put our excellent copywriting resources to a good use and provide you with an excellent content for basically any topic in any industry.

Site Optimization

This is the second most important aspect of an on-site SEO. Content is important, but the technical aspect of a website is also crucial! Search Engines pays a lot of attention to the load times and the overall technical side of a particular website. Therefore your website has to be bug-free and lightning fast if you want it to rank higher! You can rest assured that our SEO exports will make your website shine!

Link-building Strategy

Your website is properly optimized and the content is on point, yet still you can’t rank high enough? Very often the missing link is… the link itself! One of the key aspects of your websites visibility is to spread the “virtual word” about it. This can be achieved by a comprehensive link-building strategy and we will gladly implement it for you. 

Results and efficiency monitoring

Last, but not least. We support our customers projects from the very start till the very end. One of the key aspects of a good SEO is a proper results monitoring and making adjustments accordingly if needed. We use the best tool available online to monitor SEO efficiency and generate extensive reports for our customers. 

SEO Services For Every Business

So far we have completed over 100 projects for customers from various industries and business areas. Below list displays our favorite industries to work in. 

Our SEO Process


Let’s sit down and talk a bit about yourself, your business and your budget. We will then analyze your goals and objectives in order to come with the best solution tailored to your needs.

Keyword & Market Research

Next step involves researching the current market of your business industry to find the best and most effective keywords we should focus on.

Strategy & Planning

After gathering knowledge about yourself and your business goals we’ll create a comprehensive SEO strategy based on your budget and requirements.

SEO Campaign Launch

We are now ready to start your SEO campaign. We will optimize your website, provide quality content and start a link-building process.

Result Analysis

We use a wide range of specialized tools to analyze the results of your SEO campaign. We can then act accordingly and adjust the campaign itself so it stays effective. 

SEM Services

Got a little extra resources to spare and lack the patience to wait for organic SEO results? That’s where SEM comes to play! SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing and it refers to ads displayed in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Thanks to SEM you can go with your website exactly where you want it to be within one day! Our Google ADS experts are more than ready to create a complete and effective SEM campaign for your brand. 

Need something else?


SEO requires patience… lots of patience.

SEO is a very long-term process. Most of the time the very first results of SEO are visible after 2-3 months of campaign launch. Yet the most satisfying outcome normally comes up after 9 to 12 months. Therefore, if you’re expecting a blazing fast results in SEO, then we are sorry to say, but this is simply not possible. 

If you’ll even encounter an agency that promises quick results, then you better run away. As we stated above, SEO is a lengthy process and every self-respective agency will be honest in that matter.

There is no simple and straight answer to that question. There are many factors to consider which will affect the price. Here are some of them that we take in to account when evaluating a clients offer:

  • Type of website – SEO strategy differs for various types of websites and content. There will be a different strategy for a company website with 5 pages, different one for a blog with dozens of posts and a totally different approach is required for an eCommerce site with thousands products. The bigger the site itself the more our work is required and, thus, overall cost increases.
  • Website history  –  brand new or still in building phase websites requires a certain type of SEO and the already existing ones with some history requires a different approach. 
  • Website technical condition – if your website is in a poor technical condition (big load times, broken content or code, etc.), then we will have to spend more time bringing it back to life.
  • Domain history – again, different approach is required for a brand a new domain or the one with some kind of history. Also if your website and domain has been punished by Google for violating their rules then much more work is required to rank up such a domain.
  • Scope of SEO –  strategy will vary for local and global SEO. As you might imagine it’s much easier to rank a grocery store on a local market than a global company offering services in may different countries.
  • Amount and type of keywords to focus on – at the beginning of our process we conduct a comprehensive market & keyword research for your brand. We will then present you a list of all the keywords we should focus on. The more keywords will be included in SEO strategy the overall cost will increase. Also you have to keep in mind that not every keyword is the same. Some keywords are very competitive and require much more work to optimize towards them.

Well… no.

The world of Search Engines is a constantly changing environment and all the changes are dictated by the Search Engine itself. Every SEO agency acts merely as a subcontractor on Google’s territory. Therefore we can’t really guarantee any results if we have no power over how the ranks are created. Google changes their search algorithm on a regular basis and it’s impossible to predict all the outcomes. If you’ll come across an agency that promises you results, then you should seriously reconsider any kind of partnership with that agency. Every self-respecting SEO agency will always be open and honest with you. 

More than 100 projects for various clients across Europe. If you don’t trust the words, you should trust the numbers! We’ve helped many businesses to grow. We can help you too!

As an agency we have more than 10 years of experience if the fields of IT, branding, marketing and web development. 

Honesty is one of our main virtues. Before any work is conducted we will discuss your budget in detailed manner and everything will be discussed thoroughly. We respect you as a person, your time and your money especially.

For us it doesn’t really matter if you are a small firm, massive enterprise or a growing startup. We treat everyone with the same amount of high respect and every project is being handled with ultimate care.

Our entire line of work evolves around our customers. They trust us with their brands and we always do our best to pay back with excellent service. We keep our customers up to date with all the changes related to their projects and everyone is approached with utmost professional manner. 

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